"My Personal Statement and Beliefs
by Bob Hamilton

After so many years in business, my greatest thanks is to God.  Next is my wife and family.  My wife Dondra and my 3 sons, Micah, Eric and Dylan. 
We have so much to be thankful for.

As a businessman and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, my first goal is to honor God in all we do.  My next goal is to honor you.  When we leave your home and the job is completely finished, I want you to realize what a pleasure it was to work for you.  You will find little extra things that that will make you say, “He didn't have to do that.  That's nice.”  Sharing goodness is a part of me and any way that I can show a little bit of Jesus through me to you, then I have had a successful day.

I love to work.  Hard work has been a part of my life for so long that now it is easy.  Be assured that your job is being completed with me on site and overseeing every aspect of the project.

Don't look for a well-dressed salesperson arriving at your door for your estimate.  Most of the time I ‘m up by 5:00 am.  Before work, I love to study the Greek language and reading the Bible.  By 7:00 am I am out the door with coffee in hand.  I head to the job of the day and meet my men.  By the time I meet with you, I have already put in a 10 to 12 hour day.  So my clothes might be a little dirty and my hair a tad messed up. 

On the job site, we do not blast the radio. (We don't have one.)  We don't leave food and/or trash all over your yard.  We are there to improve your property, not destroy it.  We don't work in the rain.  I don't work on Sundays.   I go to church, go get a bite to eat, and go home and take the “blessed nap”.   I love Sundays.

When I do have time off, I love to minister with some very dear friends of mine.  They work with KSBJ radio (www.ksbj.com)and we do concerts together.  Our group leaders are Tammy Johnson and Brian Neuwith.  I love them very much.  Tammy and Brian created an "A-TEAM" and I am thankful that they considered me one of them.  Next to my family, this is my other family.
One week out of the year, I head to Midland Texas. There I am also honored to have the privilage to work and volunteer with another great friend, Doug and his wife, Marcy Tull. (www.rockthedesert.com) There I do whatever they need me to do. Not really fond of rattlesnakes though. Inside joke, ask me about it. 

So why am I writing all this you might say?  I want you to know that you are getting more than just a guy who wants to make money.  You are getting a company that is involved and cares about the community, church, and people like you. 

-Bob Hamilton



In 2011, Bob Hamilton passed away at the age of 55 and passed on his legacy to me, Dylan Hamilton.  At the age of 19, I was thrown into the world of business ownership and residential construction.  Although working with my dad since the age of 14 on and off during the summers and after school on occasions, the learning process took time.  Now, with hundreds of patio covers and construction projects under my belt... I can confidently say my Dad would've been proud.  You're still getting a company that is involved and cares about the community, church, and people like you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and GOD BLESS!


In 1991, After waiting seven years to come to the United States. Mr and Mrs Vasquez became United State citizens. 
His first job was with my company and has been with me ever since. A man of deep convictions and one of the best family men and Dad I have ever met. Roberto came to me not knowing anything about construction. Today, He is a master carpenter. Teaching him everything about the trade, there are few that can hold a light to him. He works with precision and speed.
Roberto and his wife, Vicki, have 3 beautiful children, (lloana, Wilmer and Marvin) reside in a new home in the SW part of houston.
Roberto's favorite quote when asked how everything is going,
"Everything is beautiful". He is just a joy to be around throughout the day. Whether it is 30 degrees or 110 degrees. He is always cheerful as he works harder the any man I have ever met.